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www.cryptorocket.ltd is an investment company, whose team is working on making money from the volatility of cryptocurrencies and offer great returns to our clients.
www.cryptorocket.ltd is a British company specialized in online investments. We have built in house trading tools to constantly monitor and predict cryptocurrency market movements, and make a profit on their volatility. We also have accounts on several crypto exchanges to make money also from arbitrage trading, which profits on price differences between these exchanges. Our clients can be confident that we have the necessary skills, training, goals and vocation to manage their savings and investments, to help them reach their goals quicker.
  • Security
    All clients accounts, funds and data is stored on specially encrypted dedicated OVH Servers, and therefore secure.
  • Instant Transactions
    Perfect Money & Payeer Deposits & Withdrawals are processed instantly. Cryptocurrency withdrawals are paid in 24 hours.
  • Affiliate Program
    Each of our clients receive a personal referral link, and if they invite friends they will earn a percentage of their deposits.
www.cryptorocket.ltd Application
www.cryptorocket.ltd's application is currently under development, and will be finished in Q1 of 2020. It will be an advanced digital wallet with investment possibilities. Security of the application will be top grade, including biometric authentication and other security features. Here are some of the advantages of using the app:
  • Safe & Secure, Biometric authentication
  • In-app deposits, withdrawals
  • All Transaction History & Active Deposits can be seen in the app
  • Use our application as an advanced, secure multi-cryptocurrency wallet
  • Spend your www.cryptorocket.ltd Account Balance at any merchant using NFC MasterCard
The application is being developed at the moment. After the development is finished, it will be submitted to multiple security audit companies, and will be released to our clients after the audit is successful.
Registered company
www.cryptorocket.ltd is legally incorporated in the United Kingdom. Our office is in London. We are working on opening more offices around the world. Please check our registration certificate and compare the data with the official company register.
Company number: #12327008
  • In-House Algorithms for Trading & Arbitrage on several Cryptocurrency exchanges.
  • By pooling the investment amount and using leverage we can increase returns tenfold.
  • After a successful trade, the earnings will be split among all of our investors.
  • Our clients can earn even more by referring their friends & colleagues.
  • After you've received your profit, withdraw it instantly. (Cryptocurrency is paid in 24 hours)
Ourinvestment plans
www.cryptorocket.ltd is an officially registered company,
incorporated in the United Kingdom
  • Plan 1
    From $50 - $1,000
    15% After 24 Hours
    Deposit included in payments
  • Plan 2
    From $1,000 - $4,999
    20% After 48 Hours
    Deposit included in payments
  • Plan 3
    From $5,000 to $6,999
    40% After 72 Hours
    Deposit included in payments
  • Plan 4
    From $7,000 - UNLIMITED
    100% After 48 Hours
    Deposit included in payments
Referral program from deposit
$25 - $599.99: 1%
  • 1%
$600 - $1,599.99: 2.50%
  • 2.50%
$1,600 - $1,499.99: 5%
  • 5%
from $5000: 10%
  • 10%
Account Career
Build your career and earn good bonuses
  • Manager
    Turnover $100,000 / Your investment $2,500
  • Representative
    Turnover $500,000 / Your investment $5,000
  • Director
    Turnover $1,000,000 / Your investment $10,000
  • Board Member
    Turnover $10,000,000 / Your investment $25,000
FAQAnswers and Questions
  • General
  • Investment
  • Withdrawal
    of funds
  • Referral
    • How to become an investor?
      Simply click the Sign Up button, complete the form and make an investment inside your account area.
    • How can I make money with www.cryptorocket.ltd?
      First, you can make money by making a deposit. This will earn you outstanding hourly returns, based on the deposit amount. Second, you can use the Affiliate program to refer your friends, and earn a percentage of their deposits. Third, you can use our bounty program to help us promote our website, and we pay a fixed amount for each completed task.
    • What does your company do?
      We have built in house trading tools to constantly monitor and predict cryptocurrency market movements, and make a profit on their volatility. We also have accounts on several crypto exchanges to make money also from arbitrage trading, which profits on price differences between these exchanges.
    • What is a bounty program and how to make money on it?
      A bounty program is a system of rewards for advertising our product on social networks, Telegram channels, youtube, and other Internet resources.
    • How is the turnover of the structure calculated for the bounty program?
      The turnover of the structure is the total amount of investments of your partners at all levels.
    • Where are you at?
      Our office is located in the UK. Here we have been registered and received a certificate of quality.
    • How safe is it to work with www.cryptorocket.ltd?
      We use the latest security systems and we can guarantee full legal and technical security. We store personal data in the strictest confidence.
    • How much money can I invest?
      We have different tariff plans. You can start at $ 10 and stop at $ 500,000.
    • Is it possible to lose money and be left with nothing?
      Investment is income, with increased risk, so we have partnered with Prudential Financial Inc and insured our client's funds. We are insured for up to $175,000,000USD. We can provide the insurance certificate on request.
    • Can I re-invest the income received in the system?
      Yes! Simply create an investment from your account balance.
    • For how many tariff plans can I make deposits?
      All tariff plans are available for simultaneous investment.
    • What are some ways you can get money earned?
      Our company cooperates with the largest payment systems, so you can choose the most convenient of the following: PerfectMoney, Payeer USD, Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash, DASH, Bank Transfers.
    • How much will I have to wait for withdrawal?
      Perfect Money and Payeer withdrawals are instant. Others are paid in 24 hours.
    • How much money can I request for payment?
      Perfect Money, Payeer minimum: $0.10. Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash, DASH minimum: $1.00
    • What cryptocurrency can I deposit?
      Our company works with Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash, DASH. All cryptocurrency payments are paid manually in 24 hours.
    • How is the payout process?
      The payout process is only instant for Perfect Money and Payeer. Cryptocurrency withdrawals are made in 24 hours.
    • Who is involved in the payment of funds?
      The processing, checking and transfer of funds to investors wallets is handled by a special financial department created specifically for such purposes.
    • What is your referral program?
      We offer our clients referral programs from deposit, income, and career growth.
    • Can I work with referral program without investing?
      Of course, our clients have such an opportunity. To get more income, study our referral offers.
    • What is career growth and how to make money with it?
      Career growth is a system of incentives bonuses for the fulfillment of specified conditions. The higher the turnover and personal contribution, the more bonuses you can get. At the lowest status, the bonus is $ 250, and at the highest - $ 10,000.
    • How much can you earn on referral programs?
      A clear schedule with percentages of deposit and career growth is shown on the main page of the site. There you can find out the number of levels of the referral program for different deposits.
    • How many account career levels are there?
      Our company offers four personal statuses: manager, representative, director and member of the board of the company.
    • How to build an account career?
      To reach the maximum level in the career of your account, you need to improve two indicators: personal investment amount and referrals turnover amount.
    • How many levels referral programs have?
      Referral programs from deposit have a dynamic interest calculation system, which increases with the amount of the deposit.
    • How the percentage of profit changes on the referral program from the deposit?
      The referral program from the deposit has five stages: from $10 (1%), from $500 (2.50%), from $1,000 (5%), from $2,500 (7.5%) and from $5,000 (10%).
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